Well, I guess I’ve seen it all now. Without any notice or any previous contact with our church, the local carpenters’ union has decided to wage a public protest in front of our church.

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PARK ‘N RIDE POSSE: “Ride With Me” Don’cha

Each weekend North Coast Church needs nearly 500 cars to park offsite and use one of our shuttle buses in order to avoid turning people away.

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MULTISITE CHURCHES: Two Things No One Seems To Have Noticed

Full disclosure – I’m a flag waving member of the multisite movement. I pastor a multisite church. But I’ve noticed two limitations that even the strongest proponents and harshest critics of video venues and the multisite movement seem to have missed.

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INNOVATION’S BLIND SPOT: Is Protecting the Past As Important As Creating the Future?

If Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret is that most innovations fail, innovation’s blind spot is the failure to see that protecting the past is as important as creating the future.

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MINERS OR MISSIONARIES? A Different Spin on the Multisite Debate

I’m admittedly a biased observer in the multisite debate.

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Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret

Yesterday I gave a talk on Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret at a conference in Phoenix. It’s one of those talks that always gets a strong response.

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