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Cash is More Important than Your Mother (and Debt is Not Always a Bad Thing)

Cash is more important than your mother. My mom knows it. And agrees. Begrudgingly. OK, maybe that’s not literally true. […]

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The All Too Important Difference Between a Guest Speaker and a Pastor

Like many pastors, I was told that I needed to preach memorable sermons. At least that was the emphasis in […]

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Why Most of our Governance Model’s No Longer Work in a Larger Church

I often say that we’re all a lot like fish in water. If you ask a fish, “How’s the water?” […]

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Stop Measuring the Wrong Things!

The fact is most of our old metrics don’t work anymore. COVID-19 made a mess of everything. That doesn’t mean […]

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Don’t Reopen Until You’ve Thought Through These Three Things

In a season of massive public restrictions and closed buildings, here’s why I’m telling my coaching clients to slow down […]

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Plumb Lines: An Introduction

Today I want to talk to you about something I like to call plumb lines in ministry. Perhaps you’ve built […]

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"We at Excel Leadership Network have brought our top contributors, pastors, church planters and staff to sit at the feet of Larry Osborne a number of times.  It is always an amazing experience.  Larry's wisdom, insight, candor and leadership instincts always blow past any expectations we may have. Learning from Larry has proven to be life-changing for our leaders and organization."

- JD Pearring, Excel Leadership Network

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