INNOVATION’S BLIND SPOT: Is Protecting the Past As Important As Creating the Future?

If Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret is that most innovations fail, innovation’s blind spot is the failure to see that protecting the past is as important as creating the future.

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MINERS OR MISSIONARIES? A Different Spin on the Multisite Debate

I’m admittedly a biased observer in the multisite debate.

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Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret

Yesterday I gave a talk on Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret at a conference in Phoenix. It’s one of those talks that always gets a strong response.

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Is Faith No Longer The Right Word?

One of the most frustrating things for me as a communicator occurs when I realize that my audience and I are using the same words but different dictionaries.

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EVERYBODY LOVES ME and has a wonderful plan for my church, people, and money!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure tired of ministry leaders who assume that their BIG VISION for mobilizing the body of Christ automatically trumps my smaller vision for our local church.

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GOD’S WILL – Clarity In The Rear View Mirror

I’m convinced that one of the greatest sources of spiritual disillusionment for leaders is the goofy idea that God’s plan for our life – or for that matter, his plan for the next three weeks – should be easily and clearly discernible.

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