Larry Osborne


Contrarian's Guide to Knowing God

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If you’ve ever wondered why all the books on spirituality and the inner life are written by introverts with big vocabularies; if you find that you or those around you don’t fit the mold; if you’ve grown weary of one-size-fits-all formulas for spiritual growth – then this book is for you. You’ll find rich encouragement and wise counsel that will help you draw closer to God even if you’re not a neurotic, hyper-disciplined, Type-A personality.


“This is a good book for people who like reading books about spiritual growth.  It’s even better for people who don’t! If you’ve ever thought that maybe you “just weren’t the spiritual type,’ this book’s for you.” – John Ortberg


Pastor Larry speaks and consults around the country on leadership and spiritual growth. To inquire about his availability to speak at an event or to consult your organization, please fill out our Speaking Request Form.  

Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor

“Several of my staff members and I visited North Coast Church for a weekend.. Our two days with Pastor Larry and his staff proved to be valuable beyond our greatest expectations. Through the North Coast team, God opened our eyes to ministry opportunities we had never dreamed possible. Larry’s integrity, gifted leadership, Kingdom heart and generosity are changing the way church is being down all across our country. Every church may not be called to do what North Coast does, but every church should be exposed to this ministry. Check it out. Your ministry may be forever changed. Ours was.”

Matt Chandler, Senior Pastor

The Village Church

“North Coast Church proved to be an invaluable resource as we began the process of launching video services. The informality of the training allowed for participatory learning and individualized attention. The structure of the weekend also provided ample time to digest and process the material with our group; as a result, we did not leave feeling exhausted with information. Rather, we left with a clear picture of video venues and a resolute determination to begin the adventure. During the implementation of video at our church, we found ourselves filtering the challenges and decisions through the principles and wisdom we gleaned from our time spent at North Coast. Now that we have successfully launched two video services, we can say first-hand that North Coast was invaluable.”

Bob Buford, Founding Chairman

The Leadership Network

“A few years ago I had the joy of investing in the early stages of the North Coast Training Network. This seed money has been multiplied a hundredfold in kingdom returns by leaders learning their practices and reproducing them across the world. My investment in teaching church processes yields great kingdom returns and I would encourage you to yield that same fruit through an investment in North Coast Training.”

Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor

North Point Community Church

"North Coast was the true pioneer of “video venues” and using video as a means to create other live worship service environments. Their experiment has now become a model for starting new churches and for church growth for all different kinds of churches across the country and the world. It has revolutionized church, as we know it. I forever will be indebted to North Coast and Larry Osborne for taking the risk and initiative to experiment and implement such an amazing, effective concept for the local church. Can’t imagine where I’d be and what I’d be doing without your vision."

Larry Osborne

“I write about both leadership and discipleship because leadership without discipleship is a waste of time and discipleship without leadership is a pipe-dream."