Stop Measuring the Wrong Things!

The fact is most of our old metrics don’t work anymore. COVID-19 made a mess of everything. That doesn’t mean that metrics are useless. It just means we have to stop measuring the wrong things and start measuring the right things. Metrics will always be…

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Don’t Reopen Until You’ve Thought Through These Three Things

In a season of massive public restrictions and closed buildings, here’s why I’m telling my coaching clients to slow down and think through three things no one is talking about before reopening their church doors. The three things are: Quality Children Singing Though we theologically…

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Plumb Lines: An Introduction

Today I want to talk to you about something I like to call plumb lines in ministry. Perhaps you’ve built a fence or laid some masonry, and if you did, you probably had a plumb line that helped you keep everything into alignment. Well ministry…

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A New Way to Get My Discipleship and Leadership Content

It’s no secret that I’m passionate about both discipleship and leadership. To provide easier access to my content and training, we’ve launched a new YouTube channel.   We’ve already uploaded a series of short videos on Raising Kids, Leading for the Long Haul, and more.…

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The Two Biggest Mistakes Pastors Make When Launching A Multisite Campus

There are two huge mistakes that pastors tend to make when moving to a multisite model. They reinvent the wheel and they pick the wrong kind of person to be a campus pastor. Multisite has become so common and ubiquitous that most pastors and leadership…

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Leading Well For the Long Haul

  Everybody wants to leave a legacy. But the reality is we can’t control the impact or the length of our legacy. We’re prophets to our own generation (Acts 13:36) who serve God, play our role and are gone. That said, how we live and…

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