PARK ‘N RIDE POSSE: “Ride With Me” Don’cha

Each weekend North Coast Church needs nearly 500 cars to park offsite and use one of our shuttle buses in order to avoid turning people away.

We’ve used a series of internal commercials and awareness pieces to accomplish that. Here’s one from last weekend that the congregation absolutely loved. Now we’ll see if we get a bump in ridership. After all, isn’t the only result that matters when it comes to marketing? So what’s your guess? Was this clever or effective? I’ll know by next weekend.

By the way – if you thought that was well done, check this out. It blows the Park-n-Ride Posse away

Park-N-Ride Posse: Kirk Jones, Rob Morace, Chris Geddis & Josua “Germany” Klempel.
Lyrics: Chris Brown. Music: Terence Cooper.
Studio Mix: Alan Dicato @ Ground Level Studio
Video Production: Jefferson Drexler & David Hepburn.
Production Assistants: Crew Michael Stephens, Chris Cavins,
Mark Garrett, Austin Genereaux, Jeremy Torres and Charley Curtis.