I’m excited to announce that my latest book, ACCIDENTAL PHARISEES has been released to the marketplace today.

Pre-sales have been amazingly strong. But there is always something special about finally seeing your book in stores and in the hands of readers.

In many ways I consider this to be the most important book that I’ve written to date. I’m passionate about creating full-on disciples. Always have been. Always will be. But I’ve become increasingly concerned over the past few years about the tendency of those at the front of the following-Jesus line to take their eyes off of Jesus and to start focusing on those who lag behind (and to do so with disgust and disdain).

It really is possible to be too zealous for God. That’s what happened to the Pharisees in Jesus’s day. Sadly, it’s still happening today. That’s why I wrote this book. You can get a copy from any Christian bookstore or online. Or you can click on “Larry’s Books” for links to online sellers.

Here’s a link to a short (1:56 minute) video about the book:


Let me know what you think.

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  1. Laura on February 14, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    Oh my goodness, this book is truly an answer to prayer. I was raised Catholic. I was saved as a teen, 30 years ago, found a church home as a young mom, and learned a lot from their expository preaching for over 10 years. I stopped attending that church four years ago and still have not found a new “home”. By default I usually take my children to a mainline denomination church where they attend school, but don’t believe everything this church teaches. I recently spent 16 months planning a marriage with a zealous, Godly man. He had been involved in a huge legalistic church notorious for all kinds of wickedness, most recently another sex scandal. He wisely escaped, only to find an equally legalistic church just a few miles west over the state line, which he has been attending for 19 months. As our relationship progressed and I participated in more of his church life, the expectations of conformity to man-endorsed, selectively chosen OT law became more apparent. One of the men in the church befriended him right away and gives him a lot of advice. He never seemed to approve of me, as I clearly am not “one of them”. (I dress nicely for church, but I don’t wear dresses) Although no deal-breaking relationship issues existed, my wonderful, Godly man unexpectedly told me that my family “would be better off with someone from my own ministry”. I was devastated. We parted with me hugging him, kissing his cheek, and telling him that I loved him. He held me close and said he loved me too. A couple weeks later I ran into him and his expression and tone made it obvious that he cares for me and misses me very much. I believe he has been so brainwashed by this system that he probably perceives it as sinful to even harbor loving thoughts and memories of me. I have been learning a lot about the cultish practices used by some. If I didn’t know better I would think you wrote this book for us. I received it in the mail yesterday and finished it today. Outstanding work! Now I have to prayerfully consider sending it to him in the mail and what I should say about it. Any hint of criticizing his church would just confirm what he has probably been told about me. Considering getting back together with me would probably be equated to turning his back on God. He has some self-righteous, arrogant pride, but also some humility. I pray he will receive the book, read it, and start searching the scriptures for himself, with an open mind. Thank you!

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